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the 10% cut that goes to These Numbers Have Faces.

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there's a place in portland, oregon where a team of incredible people work every day to make things better for youth in another country.

These Numbers Have Faces.

here's what they're about, in their own words.

"These Numbers Have Faces invests in the future leaders of South Africa by empowering young people to reduce poverty in their own communities.

Through college scholarships and a dynamic Community Impact Model based on service, mentoring, and financial literacy, young people are developing the skills to transform South Africa. In our efforts for higher education and youth empowerment, These Numbers Have Faces aims to put real people in the place of numbers."

as a country dear to my heart, i was instantly drawn to what TNHF was doing in south africa. i signed up to donate monthly and the next day justin, the director at TNHF, e-mailed to thank me for getting involved.
who does that? i was impressed.
so when i went to the drawing board to find a non-profit to give 10% of my profits to, i immediately thought of TNHF.

here's a non-profit that is directly influencing global poverty through eduction. that is providing the stepping stone for youth that wouldn't otherwise have one. that is building relationships, encouraging responsibility and promoting reconciliation.

they are doing something i deeply respect and want to be a part of.

it would be rad if you were a part of it too. with the purchase of any of the original twelve designs, you're being a part of it. thank you.

if you'd like to get involved with more than just a 10% cut, you can find out how here.