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questions you might ask.

how can i pay?

ALL payments are processed through paypal, but you DO NOT need a paypal account to purchase dani press. whip out any plastic in your wallet, visa, mastercard or american express, or pay directly with interac.

how is it going to be shipped?

through the great canada post, which should take about a week.

how often do you ship?

within two days of your order, it will be en route.

how much does shipping cost?

i charge just a straight-up flat shipping rate based on what canada post charges me to send it. this amount is included in the total when you check-out. $3 within canada. $5 within the united states. $7 international.

this rate is based on 12 cards or less as that's the maximum the shipping envelopes will hold.
if your order is more than 12, it comes in two packages, more than 24, three packages, and so on and so forth. if you are mass ordering, we can set something else up to make it as economical for you as possible.

where can bright, little packets of dani press be shipped to?

internationally. wherever you live, we'll make it happen.

what should i expect when my order drops in my mailbox?

well, i dig things that feel old and worn and golden. so i've tried to rub those ideals into everything dani press. it's why the photos have that muted-vintage feel and are typewritten in classic black. it's why the envelopes are made from recycled grocery bags that seem way old. it's why i punch out your address on my 1930s remington typewriter onto a little paper tag and slide a little typewritten thank-you note into your package before i seal it up.

it all comes to you in a 6 x 8 white paperboard mailer so all these details aren't bent up when it gets to your door.

i've taken much care to put it together so you're stoked on what you're getting.

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for any other questions you have that i haven't covered, drop me a line here